Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What day is it....Wednesday

...and Niko isn't charged up yet.  This is going to be a quick post.  I got stuck in traffic, late for my hair cut, late putting together a salad for dinner, unpacked Niko (the camera) only to find out I had to charge the battery.  Drats.  But I got it all put together and started the Quick Start guide.

So...Daisy and I are not having a photo shoot tonight.  If we get up early enough and I have  time for coffee I may try a few pics in the morning.  I know I's not right but you can't get a supermodel to work when she is tired and Daisy isn't budging.  I'm glad she can't talk and tell you it's really me that's tired :)  You thought I was going to say I was the supermodel!!! 

I'm really happy with the feel of the cameral and I got thru the initial setup.  The  LCD screen is great.  I'm glad I went with the D40 rather than the D60 or another higher model.  The D40 is super cool but lighter.  It may now be time to take a beginner photography class at the local community college.  That would be fun! fun! fun!

Peace out! 

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