Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday is for what? got it SAILING!  Wow, two back-to-back days on the water.  Today we were full sails UP!!!  I can't stand myself I had so much fun :)  What a treat...these past two days can almost be enough to make up for the 48 weeks of treatment....almost I said.  When you are still smiling hours after you've done something you know it was the real deal and you just experienced fabulosity!  Seriously, I can't stand myself right now I'm so sickening happy :)  Only thing that could make it even better is to lay my hands on one of these cameras!!!  Some day...sigh....

I go for my one month check up with my oncologist in the morning...I already know I've moved past the anemia the chemo caused...yeah!  I will fill him in on the appendix situation and ask him weigh in on my situation.  Also stopping by for the regular flu shot and then into the office for another full week...back in business again as they say.  Seriously need to schedule the colonoscopy and will do that tomorrow.  I also need an appt with the dentist...geez can a girl catch a break!

Peace out.

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