Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday is for sailing...

...not housework!  This is the really big fabulous boat that we saw today out on the Potomac…must have had a crew of 10-12 people…..the flags were so pretty.  Crappy photo from the camera phone again...drats...another reason to start searching for a decent camera….Nikon D60…come to mama!

I found out about the appendix cancer right in the middle of the boat buying process and I wasn’t sure we should continue with the purchase….I’m so glad I listened to Daniel who said “why wouldn’t we…of course we're going to buy her we have plenty of time to sail.” Smart cookie that one is :)

Well this is how the boat buying process got started.  I guess it was about four or five months into my 11 months weekly chemo shots that I started to realize that I wanted to get out an live life. It became clear to me that we spent most of our time working, mowing the lawn, household stuff and generally nothing else important.  There is no time to waste not having fun, laughing and enjoying the world we live in.  I couldn't remember the last time I had really really laughed (except when I'm with the Fabs...more on them later)  I got so sick there for awhile that I had nothing to do but lay in bed and think. My body wasn't able to do much but my mind was racing.

We ran down a list of possibles….RV…not even in the running...we spend too much time in traffic as it is just to get to work. Lake house…who can afford that.  Boat…now you’re talkin. I don’t like speed boats and I’m cheap so we settled our search on a sailboat. I knew I had to have a potty so that meant $$$....not necessarily so. Well, long story short within five weeks we had found, surveyed and were the proud owners of the 30 foot Catalina tall rig whose name is "Quandary". We absolutely love her. She has brought us so much pleasure. Daniel is Canadian and his family was here recently from Quebec.  We were able to share this new love of ours with them. What fun that was…so much so that we miss them with us now when we go out on the water.

Today was just one of those days when you feel the water and the wind in just right way that it feels almost magical.  We only put the front sail up but I had about three hours of tacking practice….by george I think I’m getting it now! I'm learning to be more in tune with the wind and pay attention to it on my face and the direction of it to make the boat move.  It's very zen at times. 

Tomorrow, we have to beat it out of here early again because the weather is supposed to get bad early but we may put both the sails up….yeehaww!

Captain Mike, Lynda and Pierrette…..we missed sailing with you today!

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