Friday, October 2, 2009

It's Friday...

...and Daisy says "hey" :)  Well here she is.  Daisy is a three year old Jack Russell Terrier.  Love her.  She is high maintenance most of the time and by that I mean she just loves attention.  Daisy thinks the world revolves around her.  She is known to follow me around while I'm house cleaning...I often wonder what she thinks she might miss! 

She and I can start our walks again.  We live off of a dirt road that almost a mile from our back door to the main road.  We used to walk down and get the mail and she loves that. 

Daisy was so good during my treatment.  She would lay in bed with me alot..that's where I spent most of my time for about 9 of the 11 months I was on the chemo.  In fact, that's where I took this one on my camera phone.  She loves to have her own pillow!  I know...alot of people might be going eewww she's in your bed.  For me it works. 

Isn't she cute!!!  I make her homemade biscuits too.  I need to make some this weekend.  That went by the wayside too during treatment and we bought her milk bones instead.  She likes them but I want to give her mine.

Well, it's time to relax and kick back now.  By the way the top picture of Daisy was taken this evening when I got home.  And's from the new Nikon D40 (Niko for short) that I am so psyched about.  I figured out why my initial photos were blurry.  The answer was on page 8 of the guide under the section "First Steps"  I needed to change focus from M=manual priority to A=autofocus...duh read the manual.  I don't do that well.  I usually dive right in and don't touch the manual until I get stuck.  Drives my engineer husband absolutely nuts!  I know that is my purpose in life so it's all good!

Peace out.

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