Thursday, October 15, 2009

…it’s been a few days.

...all is well just a little bit of pain.  I go to see a new primary dr. on Wednesday and I have a lead on a good Gastro dr. who I will call tomorrow to schedule appt.  I just don't understand why drs don't listen sometimes.  My current gastro doesn't get it.  He sees no reason for my pain but can he tell me why I'm now taking pain pills during the he can't.  I've graduated from taking a half a pill only at night as needed to taking them on the way and going home from work.  After 11 months on chemo I know my body and this isn't right.  This is the same doctor who just three short weeks BEFORE I had the tumor and my appendix removed said I worried too much.  Can you believe that $&@!#.

I can now.  Everyone must be involved in managing their own healthcare.  You can't depend on the nurse or even the dr to do this for you.  Always (and I mean always) get a copy of all your tests.  They belong to you not the office or the dr who provided them.  I've had to sit in a waiting room a time or two until they relented and gave them to me.  I'm not shy about demanding my information.  But, I must also mention that you must be polite and nice to the office don't need to take crap but you do need to be decent to them.  I often say, that person behind the desk at the dr's office or the nurses are the people that you will need the most when dealing with a chronic condition.  Be fair but firm.

WheatgrassOk...let's say tomorrow we talk about something fun.  I second that emotion :)

Let’s talk wheatgrass!!!  That’s what the picture is of.  I had two shots this morning after laying off of it because I didn’t know if it caused my hives.

Peace out.

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