Monday, October 12, 2009


Daniel single handedly took care of me at home, the house, Daisy and the two cats the entire 12 months that I was on chemo.  Actually on chemo 11 months but the first month wasn’t bad but the month after treatment ended was.

So how do you say thank you…make the rest of your life with that person as special as it was the very first day you fell in love with them…remember that moment? 

I think probably one of the scariest things about my own mortality wasn’t so much that I might die but it was the thought of leaving him here alone.  I know my Dad will be there for me when I go so that’s not so bad but it just damn near broke my heart to think of Daniel here by himself.

We are all going to die someday but darn it we had better make the best of this day we have today, tomorrow and forever…no more mister nice guy :)  I’m going to suck every last little bit of fun and wonderment from each day that I’m still hanging out in this big world.  Just do the best you can and make yourself proud to be who you are.

Peace out!

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