Saturday, November 28, 2009

Catching Up...

I really need to declutter my "life box".  Ha Ha Ha  It seems that I start one thing and then another and except for work items I'm not really completing much.  What's up with that&^$%#%  It's very frustrating but I think I know what's going on.

For some reason I'm dragging my heels on getting the specialists information to my oncologist so they can have" the talk" about my diagnosis and the experimental surgery/chemo the specialist wants to do.  I'm just going to do it on Monday...that's right...on Monday.  To hold myself to it I'll even post back here on Monday that I've done it.

On December 7th I see my beloved primary physician who left the practice she was in almost a year ago and I couldn't find here...well I did and not a minute too soon.  She is the most one of the most caring physicians I have met in my 51 years.  I know I'm back in good hands now!  I also go to the dentist that same day for the first time since chemo just know how I love going there.

Daniel got back yesterday from a week by himself in Canada visiting family.  One of his cousins sent back candy...and lots of it for me...gotta luv that guy.  I'm going to have to hide that stuff :)  Anyway, he got some space after helping me out those 11 months on chemo.  And "helping me out" sounds so lame...he kept me alive is more like it.  I had a stomach/cold bug when he was gone and the first part caused day it was pretty bad.  It brought back the bad times and I hope never to go back there.  So fingers and toes crossed that won't happen...but I'll handle it again if it does.  For now it's gone and the candy is in....

I had a hard time deciding what picture could I use for this entry but here is the winner.  I took this photo myself and it's of my geraniums.  Winter is coming...I can feel it...and I want to hold on to this image just a bit longer.  It's also going to be part of a photoshop lesson soon! 

Peace out.

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